We want to fix the problem

It's sad but the SEO industry is littered with ignorant providers, those that just don't understand SEO...

I would say it's to the point of being rampant.

It's because there's never been an industry checkpoint, until now.

You need someone to audit your SEO company...

That's exactly what we can do for you.

The SEO industry itself can be a bit raw, known for its dark magic secrets that can only be revealed after you say "SEO is not dead" three times in a row while staring into a mirror cuddling a black cat.

Chris Walker | Founder

I'm trying to get past that and just give people the facts.

Because I know the facts are what will set your business free. Cheesy, right? But true!

Most agencies don't truly understand what the algorithm wants...

They will tell you it's all about creating great content.

If you hear this from your SEO provider... Run for the hills.

I've seen how this plays out over and over and it's a recipe for 8 new blog posts a month that don't help your website one bit.

Last year we unlocked all the secrets...

I don't mean this from a cheesy marketing standpoint.

I figured out a way to parse Google’s index.

It was by total accident that I figured out that Google really has two indexes. I had heard this before and essentially believed it to be a closely held secret, if it were true.

What we found from this has enabled us to understand the algorithm at an unprecedented level.

In fact we've only seen one other site implement these tactics we've become intimate with over the last year and they just so happen dominate one of the most competitive niches in all of SEO.

We can only guesstimate one thing...

What we're saying is that we think we may have very well uncovered this.

It only took 15,000+ hours of research and analysis to do it, plus a little luck and great timing.

We stumbled upon it, accidentally.

We don't know what else it could be but the fact is, it works like a charm every single time we implement it.

And we've never seen it mentioned anywhere else. So, it's apparently only us and one of the most dominate web companies in the world...

That just so happens to have very close friends at Google, so at least I'm told.

Thing is, you probably wouldn't know it if you saw it with your own eyes.

It's hiding in plain sight.

And this is even if you think you have a great SEO company.

How's your current SEO company performing?

Hey, we're not doubting you, in fact you may very well have a solid SEO company. We're aware they exist.

But from what we've seen, even the best SEO companies make up only 5, maybe 10% of all SEO companies out there.

The odds are stacked against you but you may be right.

Thing is... we've never seen any of these top tier SEO companies implement these tactics we're referring to. Not even once but they may exist, we're not denying that.

Wouldn't you rather be working with someone in the top 1%?

We can help, no strings attached.

Here's what we will do for you...

  • We provide you a 100% free consultation
  • We tell you if we can help you after a quick walk through (100% success rate thus far)
  • If we can, we implement the changes first (no charge - 100% free)
  • If you see results in the next few weeks...
  • You drop your current SEO company (because they don't understand the algorithm)
  • You start working with our team or one of our partners

If this sounds like something that will help advance you from where you're at to where you want to be, I'm happy to hear it. You can fill out our free consultation form here.

If you still have questions about our offerings please reach out to us here. We're more than happy to answer any questions you have, as long as you aren't asking for trade secrets.