Chris Walker | Founder

How It All Started

And Why I'm Giving Away My Secrets

Back in 2003 I started dabbling in SEO. It was around the time of the "Florida Update" and I remember everyone freaking out about the entire debacle. Me, I was just starting out but it gave me a great glimpse of what was to come.

By the time 2008 rolls around I find myself working for an SEO agency after showing off my first page rankings for the term "mortgage loans" of course. Humble brag.

We're in the middle of the big recession/depression and Houston (where I was) was hit by Hurricane Ike. It was devastating to the community but also to the agency I was working in as the business was a victim of the storm as so many were. On top of them owing a huge amount of money to Google at the time, (six figures) the economy and especially Houston was at a standstill.

The agency had informed us that they didn't know if/when we would get paid. It was a devastating blow. It was time to make a decision.

I needed the cash at the time so I struck out on my own in the worst economy possible. First, I tried to see if anyone was hiring but due to the sheer uncertainty of everything, they just weren't.

Now, striking out on your own from scratch isn't something I recommend but the agency owner I had worked for was kind enough to help me along and point me in the right direction.

It was a tough start but after that first sale, I was hooked. I wanted to help business owners get the rankings they so desperately needed in order to get more business. It seemed like a noble thing to do.

A few iterations later, I had established a well respected local agency, Rank Local. This was a blast because I got to work with some great people and some great companies but soon I felt like I was out of my element and that the core direction of the company was no longer, which it wasn't. The core direction had become splintered. I was only interested in mastering SEO.

Fast forward to to 2016 and I decided that SEO consulting was the route to take. It's my passion and the only way to stay true to SEO. Now, all I do is search engine optimization.

I wanted to become the best in the industry. I knew I was good but I wanted to be the best. A couple of years later, I made a discovery that catapulted my understanding of search and the algorithms behind it faster than I could have ever imagined.

I've decided to share that information with the people that need it the most, the person that needs to create a profitable SEO campaign. That's the reason I created Rank Control.

It's the ultimate SEO training program, exposing proven SEO strategies that anyone can follow as well as a revolutionary way of thinking about SEO that will unlock success for you. If you've been looking for something to take you way past amateur and into the big leagues and beyond, then welcome to the club my friend.